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Welcome to the top Mortgage Brokers

At the mortgage broker, we specialise in providing you with quality, professional mortgage advice that you can trust. Whatever youre particular requirements, w hether it be a mortgage, remortgage, buy to let, or protection against accident, sickness or death w e can ensure that w e find the best solution for you.

With over 20 years experience within the mortgage finance industry you can be confident that w e w ill be able to source the most appropriate mortgage to suite your needs in the  area.

We have access to the whole of market so w e can select mortgages from any provider, unlike many tied advisers w ho are forced to select from a narrow range of products.

How to get a mortgage ; See how w e can help you find the most appropriate mortgage, and provide top mortgage advice and recommendation; complete the online form or call us on 07540-520846 for a free no-obligation and confidential chat about your circumstances and requirements.  Click To Call Me

Heres what we can help you with:


Mortgage Broker - Mortgages

For many of us, buying a property can be the biggest decision made in our lives. It is for this very reason that impartial advice is critical from qualified advisers. It is for this very reason that impartial mortgage advice is critical from competent and qualified advisers.

Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to remortgage, purchase a second home or even looking to release equity to provide income in retirement. This is w here our mortgage advisers excel.

Be reassured that our goal is to guarantee reliable mortgage advice so you can be sure that the advice w e provide is appropriat e to any individual that makes contact w ith us.

Buying a property can be the biggest decision made in our lives. It is for this very reason that impartial advice is critical from qualified advisers.

When you remortgage, you are switching your mortgage to another deal, and frequently, another lender. Remortgages can be used for various reasons. How ever, most people simply sw itch mortgages because it w ill w ork out cheaper for them.

For example, the introductory discounted interest rate may have finished w ith your current lender; therefore you could potentially get a new discount rate, or a low er APR, w ith another lender. Another example is w hen you may need to re-mortgage to consolidate debts.

It is worth noting that a remortgage is not the best option in all cases. This is w hy you need to consult your mortgage  broker to ensure that you are getting the most appropriate mortgage advice. Even if the lender you are considering sw itching to is offering a low er APR, you must take into consideration the facts that:

  • The new lender may charge you for valuation and solicitors fees, even if you have alreadpaid these for your mortgage with your current lender.
  • If you switch mortgage remember to look at the overall repayment period.
  • You may be able to pay less monthly, but check the final repayment date of the mortgagas well.
  • In addition you may be able to switch your mortgage deal with your current lender, avoiding any unnecessary costs. Many lenders will allow you to switch your mortgage deal reasonablfrequently.
  • Securing short term debts against your home could increase the term over which they arpaid and therefore increase the overall amount payable.
  • You may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you re-mortgage.
  • You can choose how we are paid for mortgages; pay a fee or we can accept commissiofrom the lender, or a combination of fee and commission.


Mortgage Broker - Buy To Let Mortgages

Becoming a private landlord should not be seen as an easy way of making money. One of the most important aspects here is ensuring that you get the best mortgage advice, as it can be riskier and more complicated.

Being a landlord can also be very time consuming, more than most forms of investment, and there is no guarantee that house prices w ill rise. That said, having a second property to let to tenants could reap considerable financial rew ards over time. The secret is getting really sound mortgage advice. Click To Call Me

There are 3 main differences in buy to let mortgages: 

  • Rent Potential - the decision as to whether or not a mortgage will be offered is usually based on the rent you will earn as well as your income. In some cases your income isn't considered.
  • Interest Rate - buy to let mortgages have slightly higher interest rates.
  • Larger Deposit - typically a minimum of 20% or 25% of the property's value is required as a deposit.

When buying a second property to let, you w ill need to decide w hether your primary objective is income or capital grow th. In other w ords, are you looking to make a profit month on month or are you looking to make a profit through increased equity from the second property if it increases in value over time? The decision may affect the type of property you purchase, and the location.

Additionally, when acquiring your new property, you may need home improvement loans in order to bring your rental property up to standard. Again this is an area that your mortgage broker w ill be able to assist w it h.

When you manage a property there are many costs involved in addition to the monthly mortgage repayments. As a guide, you should be aiming to achieve a gross rent of about

135% of the rental property's interest only mortgage repayments in order to cover your costs should anything go w rong.

These additional costs include:

  • Property upkeep - maintenance costs for the property.
  • Letting agent's fees - letting agents charge around 10% of the monthly rent for finding and vetting tenants with an additional cost of around 5% if you require a full management service.
  • Ground rent / service charges - applicable to leasehold properties.
  • Legal insurance - to cover costs from evicting tenants in the event of non- payment, very important, as this can be very expensive.
  • Insurance - building insurance and contents insurance for the items provided as part of the rental agreement.
  • Furnishings - the purchase of any furniture. If the property is to be let furnished, make sure you are covered for this by your home insurance.
  • Gas / electrical appliances - cost of maintaining appliances and ensuring they comply with any regulations such as safety tests.
  • Decorating costs - the property may require work ranging from painting, to a new bathroom suite before it is suitable for letting to tenants.

When choosing a property to let, it is wise to take advice from local letting agents to determine; w hat types of properties are in need and w hich parts of the tow n are best or most w anted. They can tell you if there is a University in the tow n, and if students are looking for somew here to live.

Bad Credit Mortgage   If you have suffered bad credit in the past dont w orry, w e may be able to help you. We have access to a large range of lenders how provide bad credit mortgage facilities, so dont feel that you are beyond help. Call thMortgage Broker to get mortgage advice to suite your particular circumstances; even if you have a history of bed credit. We can provide for many bad credit mortgage needs. Click To Call Me

So, if you are looking for a professional independent mortgage  broker ; Click here to visit our main w ebsite and check out our home improvement loans , mortgage advice  and w e w ill show you how to get a mortgage .




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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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